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A 2-day Joint Workshop of National Research Ethics Committee (NHREC), West African Bioethics Training Program (WABTP), University of Maryland, Baltimore and other organizations involved in HIV program implementation and research on the Development of Ethical Guidelines for HIV Related Research was held in the Training Room of the Institute of Human Virology, Abuja, Nigeria on the 28th and 29th of April, 2011.
The purpose of the workshop was to bring together members of the NHREC, its technical partner – WABTP, HIV/AIDS program implementation and research experts and other stakeholders to deliberate on the contents of a proposed guideline for research among PLWA that reflects the laws, regulations, guidelines of the Government of Nigeria, and the political, cultural, social, religious, economic realities of its population before adoption by NHREC.
The development of the guideline used a Modified Delphi approach and a lecture on the methodology was given at the beginning of the program by Dr. Adebamowo. Other presentations were given by seasoned and experienced facilitators followed by interactive discussions on challenges in conduct of research among people living with HIV/AIDS.

Resource materials used for the workshop include: 

  1. Guidelines on ethical participatory research with HIV positive women

  2. Ethical challenges of HIV vaccine trials in less developed nations: conflict and consensus in the international arena

  3. Ethical Considerations for HIV and AIDS Clinical and Epidemiological Research

  4. Challenges in Developing and Testing HIV/AIDS vaccines in Africa

  5. HIV Research in Africa

  6. Ethical considerations in international HIV vaccine trials: summary of a consultative process conducted by the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS)

  7. Ethical issues in HIV/AIDS research

  8. Developing ethics guidance for HIV prevention research: the HIV Prevention Trials Network approach

  9. Ethics issues for Canadian HIV/AIDS Researchers in International Settings

  10. HIV Prevention Trials Network Ethics Guidance for Research

  11. Guidelines on ethical issues for HIV/AIDS related research and service delivery in Pakistan

  12. Ethical considerations in biomedical HIV prevention trials

The workshop, as attested to by the participants in their evaluation forms, was excellent, very educative, well organized and properly executed. The draft guideline developed at the workshop will be submitted to NHREC for adoption shortly.

Support for the Workshop was received from

  • AIDSRelief Institute of Human Virology, Nigeria

  • Institute of Human Virology, Nigeria

  • Walter Reed Program, Nigeria

  • Association for Reproductive Family

  • Health ARFH UMB-NHREC Grant Award Number FIC S07TW008840 (PI – Dr. Clement Adebamowo

  • UMB-IHV AITRP Grant FIC D43TW001041 (PI – Dr. William Blattner

Lecture Materials